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March 12, 2012 Carolyn Pittman

Carolyn Pittman Mosaic Art

The techniques in the demo can open a path to WVAL members to work in an entirely new medium or mosaic techniques can be worked into mult-media creations. Don't miss it!
Carolyn Pittman has been creating mosaics for approximately 15 years, but she has always had a “creative streak”. She fell totally in love with mosaics after taking a couple of community education classes and has been creating mosaics ever since. It wasn’t until she retired in 2010 though, that she began devoting serious time and effort to her art.
Carolyn is a collector of “mosaic possibilities” better known to others as “junk”. To Carolyn “there is no such thing as junk!” She sees the potential in ordinary items like china, wood, stone, metal, and more. But she is most proud of her extraordinary pieces which include mirror and copper, along with other odd objects on pieces like box guitars or large-scale canvasses.


Carolyn Pittman
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